Have you ever made a dream board?

Facebook just reminded me that 9 years ago today, I sat down with a table full of cut up magazines and basket full ‘a wishes to make my first board-o-dreams:

Rachel Mazza Dream Board
Dawww…. so adorable

This hodge-podge of hope is full of international travel, constant adventure, acting on the big screen, living on remote islands, freedom to work remotely…

In the past 9 years, I’ve managed to do all of those things!

I guess I’m still working on the whole “fierce” thing – whatever that was supposed to mean. Apparently 23-year-old Me watched WAY too much reality tv…

And I don’t know if I’ve reached “superstar” status, but I DO get to speak and teach about stuff I enjoy.

(Like this fun workshop I just did with Bonnie Caton from AWAI about keeping your audience [and clients] captivated)

Well shit…

Guess this woo woo stuff works, eh?

What’s even funnier…

I met my boyfriend Branko 5 years ago on one of those global dream-board adventures, and soon after got a solid glimpse of the “woo” in action.

After traveling around Southeast Asia together, we eventually visited his childhood home back in Australia. There I got a cheeky peek at his teenage bedroom, and you know what I found pasted up on his wall?

A hodge-podge dream board displaying many of the adventures we shared those first years of dating. Some of the pics were even taken from vistas and locations I had shown him myself!

But what’s even crazier – his dream board featured pictures of these “digital nomads” working their way around Thailand from a laptop.

When I looked closer, I saw MY FRIENDS laughing in those pics printed out from travel blogs.

He had no idea how closely he had followed the path laid out in those dream-board pictures…

But somehow, while making his way through the digital nomad hotspot of Chiang Mai, Thailand, he unknowingly stumbled upon the very same people that he had pasted up on his wall years before.

Or the power of intention at work.

You can judge for yourself, but I know where I’m putting my money.

Imma keep makin’ those dream boards.

If you haven’t seen that workshop with Bonnie I mentioned, you can watch the replay below. We break down the secret to writing persuasive copy for cold readers and skeptical audiences.

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