Ever wish you had some sort of roadmap to building a successful freelance career?

(For those of you born after 2005, a “roadmap”  [ verb: /ˈrōdmap/ ] is like a lazy Google Maps that makes you look up each step of the directions yourself)

But seriously, wouldn’t it be nice if someone would just Google Maps your whole freelance career path from start to finish…

Well, I got ya boo.

Check this bad boy out.

(Wait for it… I’ll tell you why it’s blurred out in a sec)

This is The Freelancer’s Journey. You like?

It’s a clear roadmap to freelance success I developed with Kevin Rogers from Copy Chief. It’s designed to hold your hand and walk you through The 7 Phases of Freelancing.

And I have to admit…. Part of the reason I’m showing you this is because I think it’s SUPER cool and one of the best things we ever made. (Feel free to hang it on your fridge)…

I’m mostly sharing it because it’ll help you take the “friction free” path to freelance success.

Geez Louise… I SO wish I had this when I first started freelancing.

It would have made the whole process a helluva lot easier.

The cool thing is, it’s not just for new freelancers.

We’ve been getting tons of messages from seasoned, successful freelancers who are loving this new timeline.

Who loves ya baby?

Now, obviously this pic is blurred out a bit…

Because TECHNICALLY I’m not allowed to share this publicly yet.

So this is super naughty. But I wanted to give you a sneak peek.

Because tomorrow, December 11 at 12pm EST, I’m going to deep-dive into this on a free coaching call with Kevin.

In this live coaching session, Kevin and I will help you plot your current business on The Freelancer’s Journey and help you make a plan to get to the next phase.

You’ll learn how to:
– Identify which phase your business is in right now…
– Focus your learning to make measurable progress…
– Fix any gaps in your knowledge that could be keeping you ‘stuck’ in your current phase…
– Choose the RIGHT tools you need to solve the challenges you’re currently facing…
– Make a plan to move into the next phase of The Freelancer’s Journey…
– and much more…

PLUS – we’ll have a live Q&A to get all your questions answered and help you break through tough barriers that have got you ‘stuck’ in your journey.

Want to join us?

The call is Wednesday Dec 11 at 12:00 EST

>>> Click here to claim your spot <<<

And if you’re seeing this after December 11th, then no stress – you can catch the replay at the same URL.

See ya there,