I’m smack in the middle of planning a live event with Kevin Rogers at Copy Chief.

It was SUPPOSED to be a small, intimate meetup for our private coaching group members.

But as they often do… Sometimes things take on a life of their own. 

And this unstoppable snowball is rolling down the hill – picking up an INSANE list of legends along the way. 

We host these meetups twice a year for members of our Accelerator and Supergroup coaching groups.

We normally get together for 2 days to share, learn, laugh, and (inevitably) find ourselves at a great party (or two). 

There’s always a special guest or two (last one was Sam Woods and Ron Lynch).

It’s always a great time.

And we usually open a few extra seats to the public to help cover the cost of holding the live event (and to meet new friends). 

So, that was the plan for the next one happening Oct 4-6 in Nashville.


Apparently THIS event is destined for something else.

Something a leeeettttle bit bigger.

What was originally an intimate mastermind style gathering, has now turned into THE marketing event of the year.

Check out the list of absolute LEGENDS who will be attending:

  • Brian Kurtz
  • Parris Lampropoulos
  • Laura Belgray
  • Daniel Throssell
  • Chris Orzechowski
  • Kelly Brown
  • Sam Woods
  • Doberman Dan
  • Taylor Welch
  • Lukas Resheske
  • Brenna McGowan
  • Shawn Twing
  • Cole Schafer
  • Justin Blackman

And that’s just the beginning.
(There’s a few names in the works that I can’t announce quite yet)

It’s all happening this October in Nashville, TN.
(full details here)

So if you’d like to join – I HIGHLY recommend getting a ticket as soon as possible.

Because not only are seats limited for the main event…

But there’s an exclusive meet-and-greet “VIP Cocktail Party” on October 4th that is ONLY available to the first 50 people who get a ticket. 

We found a really cool space for the party, but it’s got limited capacity. 

So if you want to reserve your seat at this kick-ass event – AND – make sure you get a ticket to the exclusive cocktail party on October 4th…

>>> Then grab your ticket today to make sure you get a seat.

Hope to see you there,