In case we haven't met, my name is Rachel Mazza and I'm a copywriter who specializes in pre-sale funnel optimization and story-based copy that warms up cold traffic.

Here's a quick 1 minute video to help us get to know each other better:

Kevin Rogers

Rachel is the embodiment of The Pro Code. She does the work, never compromises integrity, and causes everyone else to raise their game. A genuine copy superstar.

Kevin Rogers

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I also host a podcast with my ghostwriting business partner, Laura Gale.

The Business of Writing Podcast is where the best creative minds of our time share how they’ve built thriving businesses around their writing skills.

It’s time to kill the myth that writing doesn’t pay — on this show you’ll learn how to make words work for you.

We’ll be going deep into the art and science of great writing, the business acumen you need to make your business thrive, and writers of all kinds will share hard-earned insights you won’t get anywhere else.

So if you want to master the business of writing, click here to dive in.


Trent Brownrigg

Rachel is a copywriter of the highest caliber! I’ve hired hundreds of writers over the years for all types of different projects, and none have ever compared to Rachel. I give her my highest recommendation and will be hiring her many more times from now on!

Trent Brownrigg Client

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If you need story-based copy or help fixing the broken spots in your funnel, let's chat!

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Angie Colee

Rachel not only knows how to hone a voice – she understands how it translates into results.

Angie Colee

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If you're looking for the slides to the presentation about advertorial pre-sale pages I gave on Thursday's Freelancer-Only Day, you can download those here:

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