Got a proven offer but can’t seem to crack cold traffic?

You and I both know that it’s not enough to get that first cold click and send prospects straight to your sales page.

Most online buyers today are inherently skeptical, so first you need captivate those new readers and get them to know, like and trust you before asking for the sale.

This "pre-sale" copy turns that cold, skeptical audience into warm leads that are more receptive to hearing your sales message.

Warm Leads LURV to give you money!

If you have an existing product and want to increase conversions from cold traffic, then an Advertorial Pre-Sale Funnel could be exactly what you need. 

A pre sale funnel (also called a customer activation funnel) helps you crack cold traffic by warming up an unaware audience before they hit your sales page.

Here's an example....

Pre-sale funnels warm up cold traffic so readers are primed to buy before they even land on your sales page. Kinda fun, right?

Your funnel may already be converting to a point, but unless you have a proven system to get new readers to know, like, and trust you – you’re probably leaving big money on the table...

...and you’re definitely going to struggle to take your business to the next level by building long-term traction and a high customer lifetime value.

So you need to hold your prospect's hand and help them move further along the buyer awareness cycle before you ask them for the sale.

Just like this:

Where Do I Start?

First you need to identify where the weak spots in your funnel are. For most people, this is either between the initial touch point and the first landing page… or between the landing page and their sales page.

Then you can use story-based copy to identify which themes resonate best with your audience, and carry that theme through the entire funnel.

Simply put – Carefully crafted pre-sale copy bridges the gap between that first touchpoint of cold traffic and a warm lead who’s ready to buy – helping you convert a casual browser into a loyal and happy customer.

Here's How I Can Help You Leverage The Power Of Pre-Sale

One thing I’ve learned is that Publishers, Media Buyers, and Product Owners are great at doing the math and developing offers that solve a problem for their audience…

...But when you’re stuck into all nitty gritty of running your business, it can be hard to come up with enough ideas, angles, and stories to test and find out what works.

The hard truth of cracking cold traffic is that NO ONE knows what’s going to work until they test it.

Anyone who tells you differently is either lying to you, or has no idea what they’re doing.

To activate and warm up cold traffic, you’ve got to test a bunch of different angles (called themes) to see which ones your audience resonates with the best.

That means putting a bunch of different themes up against each other, and seeing which ones get the most clicks and the most engagement.

If you'd like some help leveraging the power of pre-sale, then choose the option below that's the best fit for your business.

Which Option Works Best For You?

  • "Teach Me How To Do It Myself"

    Advertorial 101 Training Course

    Not everyone is looking for done-for-you copy. If you’re on a tight budget, or want to teach your in-house team to create high-converting pre-sale copy – then this is a great place to start.

    This training course takes you through the fundamentals of pre-sale funnels.

    You’ll learn how advertorial landing pages work and how to use them to warm up cold traffic using story-based copy. You’ll also get a guided jump-start to creating effective advertorials of your own.

    To get started, click the big blue button below to watch the introduction video and join the course. 

  • "Show Me How To Do It"

    Coaching and Consultation

    Whether you need help creating advertorial hooks, or guidance as you create your pre-sale funnel – let’s jump on the phone so I can give you my full attention.

    A Pre-Sale Consultation Package includes 2 x 30 minute consulting calls plus a copy review. 

    Most people like to brainstorm hooks and ideas on the first call, have me edit their copy after they’ve written it, then jump on a final strategy call to walk through the rest of their funnel.

    This is a also great fit for freelancers or marketers who need one-on-one copy training for you or your team.

  • "Do It All For Me"

    Done For You Pre-Sale Copy

    If you already have an existing product and traffic source, then let me take care of the heavy lifting for you. Full-service DFY copy is tailored to fit exactly what you need.

    Each advertorial package includes:

    1 20 Minute Strategy Call 
    1 complete advertorial page
    10-15 headlines to test on your ads or advertorial page
    1 short-form social ad

    Click the blue button below to get started. After checkout you’ll be redirected to a booking form where you can book in your strategy call and send me a few details about your project.

How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?

As a former SEO consultant who specialized in helping affiliate marketers optimize their content for long-term traffic generation and increased conversions, I’ve seen a lot of promotional sales copy. (some good… a lot of it very very bad)

One day I got fed up watching SEOs publish low-quality ‘spun’ content to their websites that sounded like it was written by robots with a 3rd grade reading level.

So I dove deep into studying buyer’s psychology and persuasion tactics, and eventually started my own copywriting agency where we crafted high-converting content that leveraged organic traffic and transformed browsers into buyers.

We helped hundreds of affiliate marketers and business owners across dozens of niches profit from engaging content that made a deep personal connection with their readers and gave them long-term traction.

Now I use this same high-performance system to help business owners with existing products fix their broken funnels by increasing conversions in the toughest part of the sales funnel – the area where you first touch cold traffic with an ad and try to convert them into a new customer.

Does all this sound confusing to you?
Don't panic!
If you're feeling lost then let's go back to the basics.

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