I have a list. 

It’s a very long list. 

The list is a list of bro-tastic internet marketing slogans that make me roll my eyes.

Or puke.

Depending on the severity of internet-marketing-ness.

I bet you’ve seen some of the things on my list. 

“I’m CRUSHING it.” (I hope it doesn’t make too much of a mess)

“It’s all about the hustle!” (I will shove that hustle straight up your pooper)

“If you’re not growing, you’re dying!” (WHY WON’T YOU LET ME SLEEP)

…or my personal favorite – comprised of something along the lines of…

“About to drop some knowledge bombs on you yo!”

Which is why, with a teeny bit of shame and a not-so-teeny bit of naughty pleasure…

I must tell you.

I am about to drop some knowledge bombs on you, yo.

But those delightful intellectual explosives are not coming from me. 

Oh no. They’re coming from someone with a much larger collection of knowledge artillery. 

Because Kevin Rogers knows a thing or two about building a business as a copywriter.  

And by “knows a thing or two” – I mean he could literally write “THE” book on that shnit (or all the books for that matter)

They might as well cast him for one of those Master Class ads I see all the time on Instagram (By the way, have you seen those masterclass ads? They’re freaking awesome)

Masterclass: Kevin Rogers Teaches Freelancing

In fact, he DID just teach a Masterclass on Freelancing in his new “Escape Velocity” program. 

I had the privilege of co-coaching alongside Kevin as we helped 40 copywriters go from “just opened my newborn freelancer eyes for the first time” to  “I AM THE CLIENT MASTER, DESTROYER OF WORLDS” 

(politely, and professionally of course). 

And they did it in just 10 weeks. 

Like I said – dude knows his stuff. 

But don’t worry – I’m not going to try and sell you the Escape Velocity program today. 

(Even though it is 100000000000% worth it if you want to learn how to get a constant flow of writing clients that actually WANT to pay you good moola.) 

Because Kevin has agreed to share some of his biggest golden nuggets FOR FREE on my podcast where he shares his advice for building confidence and momentum in your freelancing career. 

He’s a seriously generous dude. 

But that’s only ONE of the reasons I chose Kevin to help me grow my business as a my personal mentor.

People like me don’t follow the guy to the ends of the earth just for his snazzy hairstyle.

He’s also one of the most authentic and caring people I know, and he’s built several incredible businesses across his diverse career – and done it all with incredible integrity and grace. 

So take advantage of this opportunity to download some of his brain into yours, as Kevin shares: 

  • How he launched his uber-successful copywriting career with zero copy experience
  • The #1 thing you can do TODAY to build a more sustainable and profitable writing business
  • His advice for breaking through the vicious cycle of “need results to get clients, but need clients to get results”
  • The best way to break through the “confidence conundrum” so you can work with better clients
  • What to do when your writing fails to produce results for your clients
  • How to trust your gut instincts (and how to know when to seek advice instead)
  • How to know where you should put your energy so you’re always heading in the right direction
  • His advice about choosing a speciality or niche

And so much more.

>>> Listen to Kevin’s episode here <<<