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Hi I'm Rachel Mazza, a Direct Response Sales Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

With a background in public relations, marketing, and direct sales, I originally used my skills to freelance my way around the world (including some more curious ventures... such as a brief stint in screen acting and tiger training).

Eventually that experience evolved into a digital marketing agency - where I trained and managed a talented team that provided services in SEO, Content Marketing, Technical Writing, Design, and Web Development.

I also managed (and eventually sold) a portfolio of profitable affiliate websites, which allowed me to hone my marketing and copywriting skills and rigorously test the most effective traffic generation and conversion techniques.

Fast forward a few years and these days my focus is 100% sales funnels and direct sales copywriting.

I currently provide marketing consultation and develop high-performance sales copy for online businesses and entrepreneurs.

In addition, I manage a team of writers and editors which create SEO-optimized Conversion Content for SEO Professionals and Affiliate Marketers at budget-friendly prices.

While I originally hail from Upstate New York - with a global clientele, I now split my time between Europe, Thailand, and the USA.

When I'm not busy working directly with clients or managing the team at my agency, you can find me exploring the nooks and crannies of new cities, perusing local street food, burying my nose in a book, or enjoying a glass of bold Malbec.

Here’s Why My Clients Keep Coming Back Again & Again

I specialize in helping small business owners, information publishers, entrepreneurs, and SaaS companies convert online traffic into hot leads and new customers. 

I do this by using persuasive copywriting that makes a deep personal connection with the reader and gets them to take action.

My clients work with me because I get them great results, but also because I value transparency and and they KNOW that I'll take care of them. Ask any of my satisfied clients and they’ll say my favorite phrase is: “No worries, I’ll sort it out for you.”

I value and operate under 3 immutable laws which impact every decision I make:

  1. Integrity - I will never mislead you, and will always do what I say I will. If there's a mistake, I'll fix it.
  2. Transparency - I'll communicate in a straightforward manner without fluff or jargon. If I'm not the right fit for your business, I'll tell you, and happily suggest someone trustworthy who is.
  3. Partnership - I want to work with clients who share my values and commitment to success. I'll adapt, remain flexible, and work together with your team to develop and implement strategies which are right for your business.

I make sure the job is done right, and the results are measurable and duplicatable. From day one I’ve focused on one objective — to get my clients a huge return on their digital marketing investment.

Heather Shannon Heather Shannon, Lotus Center Chicago


Rachel was very helpful in orienting me to the world of online marketing in a simple yet comprehensive way. She provided an article to read ahead of time and sent critique videos related to my specific site. I found this invaluable because I can refer back to them and share them with my team rather than playing messenger and trying to relay the information accurately myself (unlikely). During our coaching sessions, Rachel also provided a few recommendations on where I could learn more. At no point was she pushy about her services–she simply delivered value. I would highly recommend her!

Bernie De Souza Bernie De Souza, International Best-Selling Author


Rachel is the definition of “easy to work with.” and always makes sure the job is done RIGHT. Whether you’re looking to make your content more SEO friendly, or need creative and powerful copywriting that captures leads on your website, she’ll get you results.

So many times when you’re looking for good help you simply want someone to understand what you want, take the initiative to go do it themselves, and report back when the job is complete. If you need great content that sells, or want to promote your online brand, products or services – Rachel will take care of it.

My Commitment To You

When you work with me you're guaranteed to receive....

  • Exceptional Customer Service

    I will go above and beyond to make sure you’re treated with respect, courtesy and professionalism. I’ll respond to emails quickly and make communication a priority. My goal is to offer you a “set it and forget it” service so that you can let us handle the content, and you can stay focused on what you do best — running your business and providing great service to your customers.

  • Big Picture Strategy

    I have well-rounded, real-world business experience in many areas of digital marketing. I ran her own SEO and digital marketing agency, and have also built and flipped several profit-generating affiliate websites. So while my focus is on creating high-performance copy that converts, I also keep a mind towards traffic generation and making sure your content works for all of your online marketing strategies.

  • Respect and Partnership

    I believe in partnership, and will work together with you as one of your team – Making sure we’re communicating clearly in line with your goals and business culture. No snobbery or “maybe I’ll deem you worthy to work with nonsense.” We are both professionals working in partnership toward a common goal. I appreciate your business and respect your time and investment. I also respect your time and schedule – I meet deadlines. If there’s an issue then I will let you know far in advance, but deadlines are gold to me.

  • Transparency and Integrity

    Transparency and integrity are two of my immutable laws. I will not mislead you, or try and fool you with fancy marketing speak or confusing jargon. I will communicate in straightforward manner, and be up front about what I can do for you. I’ll answer any of your questions and make sure you get any information you need to make a smart decision. If there’s a mistake, I will do whatever is necessary to make it right.

  • Testing and Adjustment

    I’ll stick with you to make sure your direct sales copywriting has the greatest chance for success. This involves testing and adjusting headlines, the sales message, and CTAs to see which versions your audience respond best to. I also work remotely and am able to move faster than traditional ‘office-based’ marketers or agencies.

  • Continual Improvement

    I’m an avid student of direct response copywriting and what works today in online marketing. I’m committed to continually developing my skills and knowledge through regular study and testing – adjusting my systems and processes, studying the great marketers of the world, and regularly engaging in professional development to keep my skills honed sharp. I promise to bring my best to your project and your business. 

Ready To Get Started?

Right now you have 3 options….


Option #1:

Continue doing what you’re doing and getting the same results - watching valuable traffic and readers click away without engaging and becoming new customers.

Option #2:

Take a chance and hire a general marketing writer who might write interesting content, but might not understand how to get your readers to take action and see your offer as a huge value.

Option #3:

Hire a seasoned, professional copywriter trained in buyer psychology and persuasion tactics to craft engaging content that will convert your browsers into buyers.

The choice is your, but Option #3 is completely risk free!

I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

I’m committed to getting you results, so if you’re unhappy with your sales copy for any reason, we’ll continue to work on it until we get it right.

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