If you've got a sense of déjà vu – here are some places you might have seen me

Hi I'm Rachel.

I help business owners lower their traffic costs and increase conversions.

With a background in marketing and direct sales, I originally used my powers of persuasion to freelance my way around the world. From ghostwriting, to in-person sales, to screen acting – and even brief stint in tiger training (a story for another time) – I quickly figured out how to learn fast and fail forward. 

Along with a varied array of (mostly) valuable skills, spending nearly a decade of hopping around the globe rewarded me with something else – great stories.

Living in beach huts on remote islands, racing an elephant up a mountain on a motorbike,  slinking down back alleys in search of the best street food – criminy I've got some good ones. 

Fortunately for me, stories sell.

And I've been using stories to help business owners increase conversions on their websites since I started my first digital marketing agency back in 2012. Over the years we helped hundreds of marketers build, rank, and flip portfolios of profitable affiliate and e-commerce websites.

This experience helped me hone my marketing and copywriting skills while rigorously testing the most effective traffic generation and conversion techniques.

Fast forward a few years and these days my focus is 100% sales funnels and direct sales copywriting.

While I still love a good jaunt around the world, full-time freelancing is enough of an adventure in itself, and I spend most of my time working one-on-one with select clients in Europe, Australia, and the USA.

When I'm not working with businesses to improve their sales funnels and craft persuasive words that gets readers to take action, you can find me exploring the nooks and crannies of new cities, perusing local street food, burying my nose in a book, or enjoying a glass of bold Malbec.

When you're ready... here are a few ways I can help.

  • Copywriting

    If you already have traffic and an existing product, then let’s talk about crafting persuasive sales copy designed to get readers to take action. I can help you convert browsers into buyers by making a deep personal connection with your readers – and still sound like you!

  • Coaching and Critiques

    Sometimes an outside perspective from an experienced pair of eyes is the key to overcoming tough marketing challenges.  I can help you improve your existing copy, fix weak links in your funnel, and identify high-leverage areas where you can make some quick wins.

  • Consultation and Strategy

    If you’re a 7 or 8-figure business and need help designing, installing, or improving cold-traffic campaigns that scale, I can help your team lower traffic costs and increase conversions when approaching cold audiences.

  • Speaking and Training

    I love speaking to (or writing to) team and groups. Whether you want me to train your in-house writers to craft engaging copy that converts, or speak to your team about persuasion tactics and buyer psychology – I’m available for select online and in-person events.

Any of these sound like fun?

Then Let's Chat!

What Do You Write About?

After years of running an SEO content agency and writing for dozens of industries, I'm pretty darn snazzy at getting up to speed in new niches.

These days I mostly write about:
- Health and wellness
- SaaS and Ecommerce
- Personal development
- Survival and Self-sustainability
(growing your own food, brewing kombucha, surviving the zombie apocalypse. You know. Fun stuff.)

But I LOVE to learn about new topics and dive into deep research. So if you've got something new then let's chat!

No matter what you're selling, I'd love to learn more so don't be shy. Trust me, I've seen it all (you don't even want to know some of the tawdry stuff people are selling out there on the internet...)

Seriously. Talk to me baby!

Who Do You Work With?

My favorite people to work with are personality-driven businesses that have existing products and working funnels.
If you need someone who can emulate the voice of your or your brand, then I'm your gal.

Mostly I work with 7-figure businesses who know that their funnel has broken spots or areas that need improvement, and want someone to increase conversions in THAT specific spot.

A few of my past clients include...

And more!
Portfolio available upon request

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Heather Shannon Heather Shannon, Lotus Center Chicago


Rachel was very helpful in orienting me to the world of online marketing in a simple yet comprehensive way. She provided an article to read ahead of time and sent critique videos related to my specific site. I found this invaluable because I can refer back to them and share them with my team rather than playing messenger and trying to relay the information accurately myself (unlikely). During our coaching sessions, Rachel also provided a few recommendations on where I could learn more. At no point was she pushy about her services–she simply delivered value. I would highly recommend her!

Bernie De Souza Bernie De Souza, International Best-Selling Author


Rachel is the definition of “easy to work with.” and always makes sure the job is done RIGHT. Whether you’re looking to make your content more SEO friendly, or need creative and powerful copywriting that captures leads on your website, she’ll get you results.

So many times when you’re looking for good help you simply want someone to understand what you want, take the initiative to go do it themselves, and report back when the job is complete. If you need great content that sells, or want to promote your online brand, products or services – Rachel will take care of it.

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