You know what really grinds my gears?

When marketers pretend that gazillions of people are asking them a question about something they really just want to talk about (but don’t know how to start talking about).

I’m sure you’ve seen one of THOSE people before.

Their emails or Instagram stories usually start like…

“I get questions every day from people asking me how to make more money with my business”

… or …

“Millions of people have asked me how to get my new book on how to make money when you’re dead.”

… or ….

“73.5 people have literally broken into my house this weekend to try and steal my new ‘money manifestation’ course….you wouldn’t believe how much people want this thing!”

Yeah, right Bucko – so many people want the information in your head they’re willing to become a class 3 felon. Sure.

So it is with great care and consideration that I write this, and please don’t rally the villagers to march to my house with torches and pitchforks…

… but people really HAVE been asking about my Advertorial 101 Training Course.



And I’m glad to see people are already putting it to good use.

I want to give a HUGE “thank you” to you guys who have put your trust in me and joined for this first round of training.

I take that very seriously and am continuously improving the course to make this the BEST advertorial training EVAR!

Plus – as an extra “thank you” bonus – anyone who joins this course and wants to get the upcoming Plug ‘N Play Pre-Sale Copy System will get the cost of this course deducted from that purchase. 

If you haven’t joined in the fun yet and want to learn more, then check out this new video giving you a sneak peek of what’s inside this 7-day training course.

Can’t wait to see you on the inside,

Rachel “One of THOSE people” Mazza

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