Ever wonder if you got what it takes to be a top copywriter?

Ask any good copy coach, and they’ll tell you that curiosity is the #1 most important trait they look for in a budding copywriter.

Any of the hard skills like storytelling, persuasive writing, etc – all those can be taught.

But curiosity – the nagging obsession that you just HAVE to learn and explore new ideas – that’s gotta be in your blood.

For me, that’s always been a big part of my personal development…

Constantly learning and working on improving myself.

But even though I’m a huge believer in working on your mindset and personal growth…

Sometimes I can’t help by be a jaded ‘ole biatch about the eye-roll-worthy platitudes that smother my Instagram news feed.

You know the ones… the artistic squares featuring a motivational quote overlaid on a faded picture of some ethereal girl staring dramatically into the horizon. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have DEFINITELY shared those bastards on my own profiles. (Don’t hate me)

Sometimes they’re fun. Plus, I like words that make my insides tingle.

But even I have my limits on “woo”

That’s why I appreciate things like this:

It gave me a chuckle.

But I’ll admit, while it’s easy to poke fun at overused slogans like this, or things like:

“How do you eat an elephant?…

One bite at a time.”

There’s definitely a logical argument behind them that’s hard to ignore. Especially that last one about Dumbo.

Because here’s the thing…

When you break down big goals into achievable pieces – something happens in your brain.

Your mind shifts from “I wish” to “How Can I?”

This puts your brain into a whole different gear.

“I wish” shuts you down. It stops your mind from coming up with creative solutions because it makes your goal “just a dream.”

But when you kick your brain into “how to” mode – you start seeing opportunities everywhere because your mind is open to any ideas that might get you what you need.

It’s pretty exciting, but first you’ve got to trick your brain into that “yes” mode.

It’s the same reason I tell my coaching students to clearly map out how their work will bring value to clients.

The client’s job is to protect their business, and make sure they’re making good business decisions. So when you “do the math” for them, hiring you becomes a no-brainer decision.

Your brain has the exact same job as those clients – to protect you and keep you safe. That’s why those “someday” dreams always live in a distant future.

If you want to make it a reality, you need to “do the math” for yourself.

For example, if you want to quit your job and work for yourself full-time, then first you need to sit down and figure out exactly how much money you need to make that reality.

Open up a spreadsheet (or a notebook if you’re an analog thinker like me) and map out your monthly living expenses so you know EXACTLY what’s needed to maintain your current lifestyle.

Once you make it “real” – you might find that you only need 1 or 2 solid retainer clients to meet that number…

Which is way more attainable than “build a copywriting business from scratch” or “go find tons of freelance clients”

This makes it easy to plot out a step-by-step plan to achieve it.

The same system works for any dream you have.

For example, I’ve been borderline-obsessed with page calledYour Cheap Dream Home. It’s filled with beautiful homes in some of the most romantic places on earth.

Most people think that owning a beautiful villa in Tuscany is completely unattainable. They say “Oh that’s nice. I wish I could do that someday.”

But if you sit down and map this out, you’d see that many of these homes are a fraction of the cost of buying a house in most US cities.

And after years of living abroad, I know that mortgage interest rates and property taxes in these countries are much lower than the USA.

Now, I don’t have unlimited money sitting in the bank…

But thanks to the wonderful world of freelance copywriting – I do have cashflow.

And by “doing the math” I can figure out exactly what needs to happen to make this dream a reality.

When you have a clear picture of what’s needed, it’s easy to make better decisions about how to use and allocate the resources you DO have.

The truth is, right now is the BEST time to be a writer or marketer.

Not only is it easier than ever to share your work and grow an audience worldwide…

There’s also more opportunity than ever to get paid for your writing skills – EVEN if you’re not entrepreneurial or want to avoid “the hustle” of working for yourself.

More businesses are moving online and looking for help crafting their messages and communicating with their audiences than ever before.

In fact, inside Copy Chief we’re seeing a distinct uptick in businesses looking for full-time remote copywriters.

So if you’re someone looking for a stable income with the freedom to decide how and where you work – this is your golden hour.

I’ll spare you the little Instagram quote, but hopefully this has motivated you to do the math for yourself.

Sit down, write down that big ‘ole goal at the top of a piece of paper, and break down the real numbers of what’s needed to make it happen.

Then walk backwards so you can make a plan to get there.

It’s probably more attainable than you think.


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