I’ve seen an increasing number of “weird” businesses pop up lately.

And I. Am. HERE for it.

This month alone, I’ve had the pleasure of patronizing several weird businesses in my scruffy little city of Knoxville Tennessee — like…

The Kraken’s Cup… An explorer-themed tea house — Where you can enjoy scones and clotted cream among shelves of ancient books, and various tchotchkes that easily could have come from a Magellan voyage of yore.

If Indian Jones hosted High Tea – this would be it. It’s kitchy in the best way, and they make no apologies for it.

Ladies… find yourself a man who lets you drag him to tea parties.

Or Feral Mother Massage Studio — Where you can get an experiential massage to heal your parasympathetic nervous system… surrounded by abstract paintings of the “primal mother” in various stages of evolution…

While tribal music thumps rhythmically at an unconventional volume, and you’re getting absolutely BLASTED in the face with what can only be described as an aromatic fog machine.

I probably won’t be bathing my hoohah in the moonlight anytime soon… but this massage sent me to a whole notha plane of existence for sure. 

Or my personal favorite… Fable Hollow — a fantasy-themed book store, where you can meet your next book boyfriend on comfy couches nestled among forest decor…

Sipping character-centric coffee and cocktails (A steaming cup of Polyjuice Potion anyone?) …

And purchase candles scented like your favorite morally-grey hero to continue the party at home.

I’d burn a candle for Rhysand all night long
Setting aside my unreasonable giddiness for all things that fill my nerdy soul with joy…

There is a lesson to learn from these unique businesses.

Their willingness to let their freak flag fly is a huge asset. It’s a siren song that calls their best customers to them, and repels anyone who they don’t want to deal with.

Take the Fable Hollow bookshop. In addition to the theme, they host regular Dungeons and Dragons nights and faerie-themed craft workshops…

If you’re a fantasy book nerd… where ELSE ARE YOU GONNA GO?!

It’s not like they have to put up a sign that says, “If you hate fantasy shit, don’t come here.”

They don’t have to post a bullet list of “we might not be for you if…” disqualifications.

They don’t have to put up a sales page that spells out exactly who they’re for.

If you’re their target market, your eyes are going to light up as soon as you see their stuff.

It’s like a homing beacon that flashes “Hey you! We made this just for YOU — Come and get it!”

And if you’re not who they’re aiming for, you’ll keep walking on by… or more likely… never even notice them in the first place.

They are NOT for everyone. And they like it that way.

There are a million cafes, and massage studios, and (thankfully) still plenty of bookshops out there…

But these 3 businesses are more attractive options, because they embrace their unique spin on things in a massive way.

I could even see people traveling long distances to seek any one of these businesses out, SIMPLY because of ‘da vibes.’

In a world where people are starting to reject “convenience” because it’s no longer worth the price…

Many buyers are voting with their dollars, and spending consciously on businesses who truly “get” them.

They’ll go out of their way to shop with someone who puts in the effort and energy to make them feel heard, seen, and understood.

To find “their” place, and covet the sense of ownership that goes with it.

So let me ask you… What could you change in your business to let your target market know that you are, without a doubt, the best option for them?

That you “get” them more than anyone else does. To speak to their identity and make them feel seen and understood.

What could you do to boldly declare that you are NOT for everyone, simply by letting your freak flag fly for the RIGHT customers?

Would love to hear about if if you want to drop me a line.

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