Unless this is your first day in the weird world of Rachel…

You’ve probably heard me mention Advertorials before. 

They’re these neat little pre-sale pages that help you convert more cold traffic and lower your traffic costs. 

​​Business owners and media buyers LOVE them because they increase revenue while simultaneously lowering expenses. Pretty snazzy little tool. ​​​​​​

But what about copywriters and freelancers? 

​​​​I’d argue that advertorial pre-sales pages are JUST as valuable to freelance copywriters as they are to business owners. 

First of all, they’re WAY faster to learn and write than a huge behemoth sales page…

​​​​But they’re also a GREAT tool to get in the door with high-profile clients and publishers. 

Obviously I’m a biased since I’ve personally used advertorials to build a successful copywriting agency, solo freelance business, and several coaching programs…

But I’m not alone in my love for using advertorials as a kick-ass tool to grow your freelance biz. 

My copywriting friend Abbey Woodcock ​​​​​​used pre-sale pages to get the attention of her dream clients while also growing her own list. 

The way she tells it…

“In 2017 I found myself as the only copywriter at a high-level marketing mastermind. To my surprise, I got a lot of questions from the other members – not about copy tactics or launches – but on how to hire a copywriter.

They wanted to know how they could tell if a copywriter was any good, what to pay them, and what to expect from their writer. I realized that all MY ideal clients were nervous to hire a writer like me as well. So, I reached out to the team at GrowthLab and asked if they wanted a comprehensive guest post (hint, read: Advertorial) on how to hire a copywriter. 

3 things happened immediately:

1 – People started joining Copy Chief through my affiliate link. I got paid. 
2 – ​ I got emails from ideal clients asking if I was available to hire.
3 – Freelancers joined my list and my coaching program, which has now evolved into my current business, the Freelance Co-op.
I didn’t even link to my program or services page!

THIS is the power of presale pages for freelancers.​”

Abbey also used advertorials to vet new writers she hired recently for a client. ​​So we got together to break down these advertorial samples – discussing what would work well, and where the writers could improve. 

You’ll learn the biggest mistakes that new advertorial writers make, and the quick fixes to stop you from killing your conversions. ​​
Check out our 2-part advertorial break-down below:

Want to go even deeper into creating advertorial pre-sale pages and how to use them?

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