Ever meet someone who instantly makes you smile when you see their face? 

What do you call that? The Instant Grin Effect? The Grinstant Effect?

Punny alliteration aside, Anna Iveson is definitely one of those people. 

I work with Anna in the Freelancer’s Journey Accelerator mastermind I co-coach with Kevin Rogers.

She joined the Escape Velocity program for new freelancers earlier this year, and despite the insanity of 2020, has been able to leave her day-job and build a freelance business from the ground up. 

I had one of my best “Proud Coach” moments when she told me that she replaced her monthly corporate salary with her copy skills, and did it working 20 hours /week, instead of the insane 60 hours /week at her “J.O.B.”

Now she’s got her own podcast, is booked with copy clients months in advance, and has successfully launched her own trainings and offers. 

So when she asked me to be one of the first guests on her new podcast, I new it was going to be a fun convo packed with helpful tid-bits for business owners and copywriters looking for more sales, for less ad spend. 

Plus, her polite British accent is just oh-so-charming.

Join Anna and I as we break down the basics of running cold traffic to your offers – and actually landing those sales.  

We walk through the “Pseudo-Content Strategy” that can warm up cold leads and lower your ad costs.

In this episode, we also dive into: 

  • The best way to get high-profile publications to feature your products on their platform 
  • The single page of “faux content” the world’s most successful entrepreneurs use to get more sales from ads
  • What every business owner must do BEFORE trying to make sales to a skeptical audience who’s heard it all before
  • Why personal stories are the ultimate mid-funnel conversion catalyst, especially in competitive markets 
  • How my podcast partner Laura Gale and I get direct response A-listers like Laura Belgray and Marcella Allison to appear on our podcast
  • The most effective, hack-free method to consistently grow your business
  • and more.

>>> Click here to listen to my episode on Anna’s Conversion Choreography Podcast

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