Every said “yes” to an exciting new project, then realized how daunting it was immediately afterwards?

It’s like getting excited at a restaurant, and realizing you over-ordered by A LOT when the waiter shows up with too many plates to fit on the table.


In this case, you HAVE to finish everything in front of you. (Sorry, no doggie bags in bidnass)

I call it the “Drug of Yes”

(Actually I’ve never called it that before. But now it’s a thing.)

You get SUPER excited and feel like you could conquer the world (usually during a “rah rah!” chat with a client or entrepreneurial friend of yours). Someone brings up something BIG, and you both shrug, saying: “Why not? Let’s do it!”

But after the initial adrenaline rush wears off, you freeze in place…

Eyes open wide and your mouth pulled into an incredulous line. WTF was I thinking?

So you push down the nagging feeling that you have NO idea what you’re doing or how you’re going to fit everything in, and take a deep breath.

Then you roll up your sleeves, put your “pro” pants on, and say, “Wow. Okay. Guess we’re actually doing this then!”

And you get to work making big things happen.

At least, that’s what usually happens with Kevin Rogers and I walk out of a Copy Chief strategy meeting.

He’s the Visionary of the business, and I’m his integrator. His job is to come up with amazing ideas that push the boundaries of what we think is possible.

My job is to figure out a way to make them happen (plus, keep us focused on what we REALLY want and avoid shiny object syndrome).

I’m pretty good at that first one…

Stiiillll working on the latter since I get runaway-restaurant excited by most of Kevin’s ideas.

So when we talked about giving Copy Chief a complete overhaul, and rebuilding the entire Community and Training Suite from scratch – I was all in.

4 all-consuming months, $50,000, and a whole lotta collaboration with amazing team members later – and we’ve got a brand new Copy Chief.

But it wasn’t a walk in the park, and we had to learn on our feet as we took on this complex project.

But part of the beauty of the Copy Chief Community is that we share the challenges along with the wins so we can all help each other learn and grow.

So in this episode of Copy Chief Radio, Kevin and I give you a down ‘n dirty look behind the curtain of this intense rebuilding project to completely overhaul Copy Chief.

We share all the gory details of moving a thousand members from the digital home they’ve known (and loved) to a shiny new house…

Why we did it, what it costs, why the tech team wanted to kill us, and the simple mantra that led the entire project. (And will probably guide us through all of next year!)

If you’ve ever wondered what’s going on backstage while you’re enjoying a business’s show, you’ll love this transparently honest look inside the makeover of Copy Chief.

Check out the episode here:

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