It seems to be the mainstream mantra among entrepreneurs and business owners – especially in the marketing world.

But “scaling” up your business can me so many different things, and truth be told – it isn’t for everyone.

I have friends who run very successful businesses and make a GREAT living by completing 3-4 main projects per year – on their own – then spends the rest of their time taking month-long sabbaticals and enjoying their best life.

Other friends I know are HUNGRY to create a legacy business – building a team and an entity much bigger than themselves. A heritage that will outlast them and do great things far  beyond their own capabilities.

So which option is right for you and your business, and how do you go about scaling in your own way WITHOUT burning out, destroying your reputation, or biting off more than you can chew?

That’s exactly what Linda Perry and I discuss on the latest episode of her Mindset First Podcast.

Join us for this ‘short but meaty’ episode where we dive into the raw bits of:

  • How to scale your business if you DON’T want to hire and manage a bunch of people
  • The #1 tool I used to scale our team from a handful of scrappy entrepreneurs to 25+ people cohesively working toward a shared goal
  • Why scaling up and building a team isn’t the best fit for everyone
  • The most important person to hire first (hint: it might NOT be an assistant)
  • How to deal with the head trash of your name being associated with work someone else created
  • The #1 thing we changed about our team meetings that helps all team members take responsibility for their own work, and hold each other accountable
  • How to give up control and trust your team to handle things on their own without dropping the ball
  • and more… 

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