Today I want to talk to you freelancers.
(Although, if you’re a business owner running cold traffic, then you’re going to love this too.) 

If you’re a freelancer who works with clients, then you’d probably LOVE for your clients to see you as a magic conversion wizard.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just come in, wave your magic marketing wand, and hand your clients a buttload of new sales?

Advertorial pre-sale pages aren’t quite as effective as abracadabra…. but they can help you lower traffic costs and increase conversions when approaching skeptical audiences.

And to business owners running ads to cold traffic…. that’s JUST as good as a magic spell.

Advertorials are a great tool to have in your freelancer arsenal because they’re critical to creating powerful pre-sale funnels that warm up cold traffic.

These pre-sale pages also help you lower your traffic costs by moving toward a lower CPA (cost per acquisition) when running paid traffic to your sales page.

That means you earn MORE profit per customer by increasing conversions and lowering traffic costs.

For your clients, that’s like handing them the map to a secret gold mine AND showing them how to mine it.

Plus…advertorials are a perfect place to hone your copywriting skills since they’re easy to sell, easy for other people to critique, and you can write them MUCH faster than a behemoth sales letter.

So when Tom from the Smart Brand Marketing Podcast asked me how I help my clients optimize their funnels using pre-sale pages, I knew this interview would be a goldmine for my freelance friends.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • How I build security and redundancy into my business as a full-time freelancer.
  • The different types of clients I work with when designing pre-sale funnels
  • How I structure different types of client contracts.
  • Why pre-sale pages are more important than ever when approaching cold traffic
  • How to get your clients a huge boost in their cold traffic funnels
  • My process for creating persuasive pre-sale pages that warm up cold traffic
  • Why you SHOULDN’T pitch your product when creating a pre-sale page.
  • The #1 thing you should do to get cold traffic to click through to your final sales page
  • How to write “click bait” headlines that don’t sound spammy
  • and more.

Click here to check out the podcast.

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