Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, I spent my days helping affiliate marketers and SEOs increase conversions on their websites with SEO-optimized sales copy.

And while these days I focus almost exclusively on helping business owners lower their paid traffic costs, I still like to dip my toe into the pool of organic traffic on occasion.

So when Jonathan from SEO Butler asked me to teach his crew about how to create copy that converts AND ranks well on Google, I dusted off my SEO hat, cracked my knuckles, and got back to the basics of persuasive copy.

Joined by fellow content veterans, they combined our wisdom into one, complete how-to-content guide.

This one is for you hooligans playing in the tumultuous field of affiliate marketing and SEO (or for anyone who sells stuff online and wants to increase conversions on your website).

If you spend your days with your eyeballs buried in statistics, and need a little refresher on how to get human brains to take action after reading your content, then you’ll love this copy breakdown.

In this post you’ll learn all there is to know about content, including:

  • How to turn a cold reader into a warm reader so you can increase conversions on your website
  • The difference between “content” and “copy”
  • How to use stories to turn off the logical part of your prospect’s brain that brings up doubts and objections to buying
  • The copywriting secret to finding a GREAT idea for your copy story that will make your audience feel like you’re listening in to their private conversations
  • How to get readers in the right mindset to buy before you ask them for the sale

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