Ever get into one of those Princess and the Pea modes when you’re trying to write ?

Normally I’m a get-‘er-done-just-ship-it kinda gal.

But today, the copy just did not want to come.

You’ve felt it…

First you sit down to knock out that email, or beat out the ugly first draft of your new lead…

But you get super squirmy – unable to freaking focus without the ideal writing conditions.

Personally, it usually starts when I get some wacked-out scarcity anxiety because I don’t have a glass of water within reach at all times.

Better run to the kitchen for hydration – THEN I can write.

But wait – now I need a caffeination beverage – back to boil the kettle.

Is it hot in here?
Better get up and turn on the fan.

I’m hungry, maybe if I eat something I’ll be able to concentrate.

Who made this dumbass chair and why does it feel like one of those 
Medieval torture thrones?

What was I even writing about again?

Maybe if I go for a walk it’ll stir the creative juices…

My friend Laura and I call this “Fancy Racehorse” Syndrome.

Usually when poking fun at people (probably our husbands) who need to be pampered and have conditions juuuust right in order to perform.

While wenches like us – we’re more like shitty farm ponies.

We’re happy to trudge through the mud and sweat it out with flies licking our eyeballs as long as the job gets done.

Today, I went full Seabiscuit and could NOT write for the life of me.

Maybe it’s Fancy Racehorse Syndrome…

Or the fact that I’m neck-deep in planning logistics for the October Copy Chief Live in Nashville.

Or simply that it’s a sunny Sunday and the outsides are calling my insides.

Who knows…

But you’ve heard it before …

“Writers write”

It’s the job.
And when it’s time to do the job, you show up and get it done.

So I’ll put away my fancy bridle and trade it in for the plow yoke so I can finish banging out the sales page for my new coaching program launching next month.

Because fancy racehorses are fun to bet on, and sure are pretty to look at…

But they burn out fast and get sent the glue-factory as soon as they start slipping up and fall even slightly short of perfection.

But shitty farm ponies?

They’re the ones you rely on when you need to get the important work done.
The real work.
The work that puts food on the table.

And when they’re past their prime – those workhorses get put out to pasture…

Content to live their days grazing in the sunshine and chasing butterflies…

Feeling that sense of fulfillment that only comes from knowing you left it all on the field with a job well done.

So if you’re feelin’ fancy this week – try sitting down for 10 minutes and putting pen to the page. Because once you start plowing that field, usually you’ll get into the groove and gain more momentum than you expected.

Alright – that was one too many farm analogies.
I’ll dismiss myself.

Have a great day and keep writing.



The sales page I’m trying to write today is for my brand new “Client Free Escape Plan” program. It’s a live coaching program for freelancers who want to replace one (or all) of their clients with low-maintenance, high-revenue offers.

These “semi passive” income offers often already exist in your business, and are designed to diversify and grow your income WITHOUT trading “dollars for hours” or taking on additional client work.

The step-by-step coaching program is launching next month and will have limited seats (I’ll probably cap it at 20 people). People on the waitlist will get first dibs, so if you’re interested – join the waiting list here.