I get A LOT of questions about writing for B2B clients.

If you’re not familiar with B2B – this simply means your “customer” is another business (rather than the end consumer).

Since you’re selling to a business entity instead of a customer with a personality, many marketers struggle to craft sexy copy for B2B businesses (especially if they see certain industries as “boring”).

But here’s the thing – there’s still a live, breathing human with thoughts and feelings making those purchase decisions on the other end of that B2B funnel.

Sure, their reasons for buying may be a bit different than end consumers, but they’ve still got the same motivation – to find the best solution for their specific problem. ​​​​

That’s exactly what fellow marketer Steve Slaunwhite and I chat about in this episode of his B2B Writing Success Podcast.

Join us as we dive into:

  • Real-life examples of successful B2B marketing at work
  • Copywriting strategies for turning cold traffic into hot prospects
  • How copywriters can use their own pre-sale funnels to find B2B clients
  • Positioning yourself as “more than just a copywriter”
  • Choosing your marketing specialty
  • How to offer consulting services to B2B clients
  • And more!


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