I realized today, that I’ve been doing “this marketing thing” for nearly a decade.

In that time I’ve worked on some roaringly successful campaigns…

Built and scaled several agencies while traveling Europe, Asia, and Australia…

And even led an international team for a 7-figure SaaS company in Shenzhen, China (which was one of the most insane times of my life and resulted in some ridiculously phenomenal stories. China is a whole ‘notha level).

Throughout all of it, I’ve felt extremely fortunate to learn from some of the best strategic and creative minds in the business.

I got to peak behind the curtain of massive launches, clever brand building, and impressive strategies that remind me I still have SO much to learn.

But as the years tick by, and I get more experience by working on bigger and better projects – you know what I learned?

There are 3 lessons that just keep getting reinforced again and again.

Number 1 – Prize integrity above all things

Number 2 – Authentic, long-term relationships are your greatest asset

And number 3 – NO ONE knows what the bageebus they’re tom-falootin’ doing.

That last one continually amazes and inspires me.

It’s how I bust out of a rut when imposter syndrome rears it’s ugly head, and how I blaze a headstrong trail through the evolution of my business.

After being an integral part of amazing teams doing big things, I discovered that we’re ALL just making it up as we go along.

Even the big dogs!

The ones who make it to the top are no different. They’ve just discovered how to leverage, listen to, and lean on OTHER smart people to raise their game to a bigger level. (see lesson #2 above).

They know that, if you know a little bit about what you’re doing…

And these other smart people over there knows a little bit about what THEY’RE doing…

And you smush those little bits together and move them in the same direction… when combined, you know a lot more about a lot more things.

That’s how incredible teams with strong leaders make big things happen.

And while that SEEMS pretty obvious, most people still think there’s some “secret” out there all the big-wigs are in on.

They think they must be missing something, or they chalk it up to nepotism, or even say they’re “just not wired for success”.

But all it takes to blast through that myth of stuck-ness is a little peak behind the right curtain.

Which is why I want to pull back the curtain on one of my own projects that I’m very proud of.

My podcast partner Laura Gale and I recorded a very revealing ‘just us’ episode about making 2020 the year we want it to be.

This is the stuff we talk about in our private masterminds, and behind closed doors, including:

  • Why 2020 is the first year Laura has EVER set business goals
  • The b.s. of ‘new year, new you’ resolutions
  • Rachel’s trick for making goal setting SUPER simple
  • The (very) different ways Laura and Rachel set their business goals
  • Why you need to consider “the mushy stuff” when setting your goals (and why it’s not as woo woo as you think)
  • The unpopular reason you shouldn’t set huge goals
  • How to set goals for what you REALLY want (and not for others or the “shoulds” in your life)
  • The weird goals we inherit from other people
  • How to find the balance between personal and business goals
  • And more

Want to listen in?

>>> Click here to get the replay <<<


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