Years ago I chatted with Daryl Rosser from popular SEO community Lion Zeal about how to leverage SEO and Content Marketing together to drive new business.

So many freelancers have reached out to me telling me how helpful this information was when searching for new clients, so I’ve published it here so everyone can have easy access.

Most SEO professionals either lack the skills to create dynamic content that converts, or ignore content marketing completely. It’s critical to create and syndicate engaging content that’s designed to convert ‘browsers’ into ‘buyers’

After all – what’s the point of generating all that great new traffic to your website through SEO if you can’t capture any qualified new leads!

Daryl and I talk about the importance of content marketing in SEO – and also touch on how to create great copy that converts.

We also chatted about growing your business using strategic partnerships with professionals who complement your own business.

Here’s the interview with Lion Zeal’s Daryl Rosser:

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