Emotionally compelling stories are one of the best ways to capture cold traffic.

​​And advertorials are the perfect platter to present stories that describe exactly what the reader is feeling.

But FINDING those stories isn’t always easy.

As someone who’s written hundreds of advertorials, I can tell you that I DON’T pull great stories out of my butt.

First of all – that’s nasty.

​Second – it’s freaking shady

And third – ​​the best stories come straight from the prospect’s own mouth.

Sounds like common sense, no?

​Lemme tell you. Not so common.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve critiqued a writer’s work and asked: “Uhhh, did you make this story up?”

After a few shifty eye movements, I ​​​​almost always get the confession.

That’s when I drop the inevitable: “Yah. I can tell”

That’s because TRUE stories use the prospect’s “secret language” and make them think you’re listening in at their dinner table.​​

And that’s always a better hook.

I made a quick video showing you 2 methods that I use to find emotional stories.

Use these and you’ll be worlds ahead of most writers who are struggling to make a personal connection with their readers.

I’m about to jump on a client call, so will keep this one short and sweet.

And if you’d like my personal attention on your advertorial, let’s book in a call so I can help you find a compelling story or map out your advertorial.

More details on that below the video, but first let’s dive in to the research stuff here:

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