I love me some stories. Don’t we all? So let’s put on our comfy pants and have a little story time this fine day. 

If you’re a freelancer or writer, then here’s a quick story that might help you take your writing business to the next level.

There once were two writers who both dreamed of building a thriving, successful career using their words.

These two creatives were very much alike. 
​Both had the skills, discipline and drive to write well.

Both were personable and easy to work with. And both—as many of us are—were filled with ambitious dreams for the future.

Recently, these writers met at the wedding of a mutual friend. Turns out, they had a lot more in common than just their soon-to-be-hitched buddy and a passion for prose. 

Both loved their craft and devoted much of their time and money to improving their writing.

Both were working on paid projects for clients in their respective niches.

And both were committed to keeping their patooties in the chair so they could deliver huge value to their clients, and move on to the next project.

But there was one major difference between these two writers.

One of them worried CONSTANTLY about where their next project would come from. 

While the other was completely booked out for months with lucrative work. They even managed to schedule in a vacay to Key West into their roster! 

​​(Like… a REAL vacation, not that “I’m just gonna check some emails real quick and whops somehow it’s already dinner time and I missed the beach all day” kind of vacation.)

So what’s the difference? 
Why do some writers work confidently and get paid month after month, while others get stuck in the dreaded ‘feast or famine’ cycle?

Surprisingly, it’s NOT intelligence, talent, or dedication. It’s not because one of them “wants it” more than the other. 

The real difference is – one of these writers lives on luck, while the other figured out a way to systematically market themselves so they constantly have a flow of great leads. 

That’s the key​​ – Marketing.

Now, if you’re a copywriter, then you might be thinking, “But marketing is all that I do!”

I’m not talking about writing for marketing, or marketing for clients.
​I’m talking about marketing YOURSELF and your business.

If you want to succeed in the business of writing, you MUST know how to market yourself.

It ain’t sexy, but it’s the stone-cold, no-B.S. truth.

It’s not enough to be a great writer.

The people who are willing to pay for your writing must know you’re out there!

Otherwise, you’re going to be more of a “copy hobbiest” – and that’s totally okay if it’s what you want – but I like to get me that green (the money kind… not the ganja kind)

And believe me, I know how painful it is to worry about cashflow in your business…

… to know in your BONES that this is what you want to do, yet continue to grind and sweat for stability, consistency and confidence in your business.

I’ve been there, and I did the hard way for a long time. 

That’s why I can say, with certainty, that knowing how to market your writing business is the key difference between success and starvation. 

​​(Or worse – having to go back to a regular “J-O-B”)

Fortunately, I’ve learned how to get past that wall-o-struggle. 

And met some other people along the way who did the same. 

That’s why I’ve partnered with my good friend and fellow writer, Laura Gale, so we can help YOU avoid that struggle (or at least put an end to it ASAP)

Now, there’s no magic pill we can give you that will change your writing business overnight…

But the good news is that we’ve created the next best thing. 
​And it’s all yours for FREE!

We’ve taken what we’ve both learned building multiple businesses over the past 6 years and boiled it all down to a straightforward guide. 

The guide is called Write, Reap, Repeat – and it’s your roadmap to getting off the hamster wheel of chasing clients, and instead, letting them come to you.
In this guide, you’ll discover how to:

— Create a steady pipeline of quality clients so you can STOP the dreaded feast-or-famine cycle for good

— Be more selective about your clients so you can enjoy more money, less stress and LOVE what you do

— Balance your time so you can complete client work, work on your own writing AND grow your business—without burning out like a stubby little candle

— And MUCH more.

We’re giving this guide away to celebrate our brand new podcast called The Business of Writing Podcast that’s launching this month. ​​

So, if you’re constantly afraid of every bill that slides into your inbox…
And you’re looking for a roadmap that’ll take you from the long hard slog…

To successful, relaxed and confident in your ability to succeed as a freelancer…

… then head over to businessofwritingpodcast.com and sign up for the waitlist there.

We’re putting the final touches on Write, Reap, Repeat and will send it out before we launch the podcast on June 19th. 

So if you want to be the first to get it, then click the link above to get on the waitlist so we can send it to you as soon as it’s ready.

Click here to join the BOW Podcast waitlist and get your copy of Write, Reap, Repeat.

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