The beauty of being an entrepreneur, is that YOU get to decide how your company runs.

It’s one of the many luxuries of owning your own business.

But it ‘aint always sunshine and roses – especially when you start growing beyond the solopreneur one-man-band.

The tech you added over the years might start to look like a tangle web of wires (What do you mean we have 3782 Infusionsoft tags?!)

It feels impossible to hire good help (No no, your copy is GREAT… just all the words are wrong)

The new project manager says the systems that worked fine inside your brain are confusing the Creatives. (Time to complete project tasks –1 hour. Time managing project tasks in Asana – 6 hours)

And this lean mean machine that you ran yourself with one scrappy assistant, has morphed into a giant monster that somehow takes 18 people to run. (No seriously… what does Dave actually DO here?)

It’s natural. When you’re leaping from one stage of growth to the next – there’s a lot of “just figure out what’s right for right now” bandaids – and it’s easy for things to get a bit jumbled.

My client Marie Forleo calls this “the messy middle” – and it can feel impossible to unravel the complicated ball o’ chaos you find yourself holding.

That’s where I come in – because as they say – you can’t read the label when you’re inside the bottle.

Even the best entrepreneurs sometimes need help seeing the simple solutions sitting right in front of their nose.

That’s exactly what I talked about with my friend Michael McGovern on his podcast this week.

Michael is a talented financial copywriter and business acquisitions specialist, and asked me to share how I help Visionaries fill the gaps in their business that are holding them back.

Watch the episode here: Filling Gaps in Growth, Ops, & Freedom for $1-3M Entrepreneurs

And If YOU’RE a business owner feeling stuck in that “messy middle” phase of $1-3MM – I’d love to help!

Send me a message here and tell me about your own “tangled web of wires”