Ever feel like you’re drowning in information?

It feels like there’s always ‘one more thing’ to learn before you have the skills and knowledge you need to truly “make it”…

… ESPECIALLY when it comes to building your business.

Maybe you want to work with better clients.

Or raise your rates.

Or change your business model.

Or simply break out of that nasty ‘feast or famine’ mode that has you constantly chasing the next gig.

So you seek out people and resources to help you find the secret to breaking through the barriers holding you back.

You read book after book.

Take course after course.

And listen to this schmuck over here, and that Funnel Bro over there.

But there’s always another step. Another upsell.

And no matter how much you consume, you still feel like you’re stuck spinning your wheels, and nothing seems to change.

Kevin Rogers from Copy Chief calls this “The Information Spiral of Death.”

It’s something I see new freelancers get caught up in all the time.

And it’s a big reason Kevin and I created the new Escape Velocity coaching program for copywriters who want to launch a freelance copy career from scratch….

Because when you’re trying to build a sustainable and profitable freelance business, you DON’T need a flood of useless information to wade through.

You need clear, specific direction from a seasoned expert to show you exactly how to move your business from one phase to the next.

Kevin invited me on Copy Chief Radio today to chat about the different phases of freelancing that make up The Freelancer’s Journey.

The Freelancer’s Journey

Understanding these phases (and identifying which phase YOUR business is in) is the first step to getting “unstuck” and escaping the Information Spiral of Death.

It gives you the clarity you need to to focus your learning, so you’re only dealing with ‘right now’ problems…

… Rather than borrowing trouble from future problems that aren’t relevant to the phase your business is in today.

Getting clear on where you’re currently at in The Freelancer’s Journey will help you move forward without getting bogged down, derailed, or paralyzed by information overwhelm.

And that’s exactly what we’re chatting about today on Copy Chief Radio.

>>> Check out the episode here <<<


P.S. If you want to dive deeper into The 7 Phases of Freelancing, then check out the replay for the Freelancer’s Journey Accelerator Call I just recorded with Kevin.

It’s a free coaching call where we took a deep-dive into navigating your current business through The Freelancer’s Journey.

We talk about how to identify which phase your business is in right now, how to fix any gaps in your knowledge that could be keeping you ‘stuck’ in your current phase, and more.

It’s a quick way to get your questions answered and help you break through tough barriers that have got you ‘stuck’ in your journey.

Catch the replay here.