Have you ever heard of The 4 Hour Work Week

It’s a concept introduced by author and self-proclaimed ‘Human Guinea Pig’ Tim Ferris back in 2007. 

The idea is that you can build a semi-automated business to cover most of your living expenses. That way you can spend most your time on the stuff you REALLY want to do. 

Now, I love the idea of passive income. But for the most part, I think the whole “4 hour work week” thing is complete poppycock. 

Horse doo doo. Flim-flam. Baloney. 

NO ONE works 4 hours per week. On anything. At least… anything that actually makes money. 

To be fair to Mr. Ferriss – that’s not exactly what he’s preachin’ in the book. Like most things, there’s a bit more to it than that. 

But over the years, the concept has been swept up in the whole digital-nomad-revolution and molded into the perfect excuse to lay around on a beach taking pictures of your laptop in extremely unproductive work settings. 

Don’t get me wrong. That was me for a hot minute. 
And many of those endearing Coconut Cowboys are good friends of mine. 

But have you ever tried to actually WORK on a beach? 
Laptops, sun, and sand do not make good bedfellows. 

But I digress. 
Indulge me for a second…

What if you COULD only work 1 hour a day? 

What would you do with the rest of your time? 

Sure, at first you’d probably binge on netflix, take copious amounts of naps, and laze around with your favorite libation in the sun. 

But do you know why all that stuff sounds fun? 

Because you’re probably freakin’ EXHAUSTED. 

Most of us are overworked, underpaid, and have a to-do list with more line items than days in the year. 

But if you get past the point where you just need to get some regular shut-eye… 

When you’re finally caught up, refreshed, and revitalized –  sitting on your tookus all day probably isn’t what you REALLY want to do with all your time. 

Maybe you’d start a whole new business. Or a charity. Or a meet-up group.

Maybe you’d learn a new language. Or workout. Or Golf. Or pick up painting. 

Maybe you’d travel the world. Or even your own country livin’ that ‘van lyfe’

Maybe you’d enroll in the “School of Rock” vocal program and finally live out your Glam Metal dreams. 

Whatevs! This is your fantasy amigo!

Well according to Ian Stanley, it’s not just a fantasy. 

And it’s not a bullshit pipe-dream either. 

This is coming from a guy who makes bookoo bucks with his sales copy, and spends most of his day riding down the Venice Beach boardwalk on his one-wheel with his Husky dog. 

So as hard as it is to believe. He’s living proof. 

But don’t worry… I’m not going to try and sell you Ian’s new “One Hour Work Day” course.  

(although I have to admit, his sales copy has been KILLING me lately. That boy’s been sayin’ ALL the right things)

No, instead I’m going to share this super meaty podcast episode where Ian dives deep into how he built his cruisey lifestyle using sales copy and money-block meditations. 

Sound like a load of hornswoggle?

Take a listen and decide for yourself in this week’s episode of The Business of Writing Podcast. 

>>> Click here to listen <<<

See ya there,

P.S. – While it’s not a bottle of “one hour work week” fairy dust… one thing that’s helped me work WAY less this year is getting the right systems in place to help automate my business. 

I’ve shaved off enough ‘overworked’ hours that I finally feel like a real business owner (instead of an employee with a really shitty boss who never goes home).

I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my magical-fairy-godmother of an assistant, Ashlee Berghoff. 

While she’s not available to take on new full-time clients (#sorrynotsorry) – she’s just launched a 6-week program to help freelancers and business owners automate and systemize their business. 

The program is designed to help you work less WITHOUT sacrificing income, growth, or the momentum you’ve built in your business. 

If you’re working WAY too many hours, and need to slow the F down before you drown –  then learn more Ashlee and her program here. 

She’s only got 9 spots left (maybe less since she told me that last Friday) – so don’t wait if this is something you seriously want to check out. 

Mention that you heard it from me and she’ll give you $100 discount to help you get started.