The cool thing about teaching what you know, is that you’re challenged to adapt your skills and knowledge in all different ways.

So when my friend Rachael Kraft asked me to help her design a pre-sale funnel specifically to promote leadmagnets – I was all kinds of excited. (Is it bad that this is what we do for fun these days?)

So with our Rach(a)el powers combined…

We bring you this free mini-training on how to create your OWN superhero sales funnel using Lead Magnets and Pre-sale Pages.

In this Rachel-double-whammy, you’ll learn:

  • How pre-sale copy can help you convert more cold traffic
  • The real purpose of your lead magnet or opt-in offer
  • How to get your prospect to make “micro commitments” to build trust quickly
  • Why you shouldn’t try to “sell” in your lead magnet
  • How to combine pre-sale copy and lead magnets to transform cold traffic into eager buyers
  • The quick and easy way to learn how to speak your prospects’ secret language
  • How to drive (better) traffic to your lead magnet
  • And more.

Watch the video here: