Last week’s Copy Chief Live conference was an absolute hurricane of great training, awesome hang-outs, and fantastic food (Allison Carpio can sniff out pork-belly from a mile away).

It was a pretty good week if I do say so myself.

I was lucky enough to grace the stage, not once, but THREE times. (I’m a mic hoarder, what can I say?)

First I got a chance to share this year’s biggest lessons with Marcella Allison’s Titanides group. I talked with 40+ bad-ass businesswomen about how to “step up” and lead with confidence. It was a lot of fun sharing the room with business babes like Laura Belgray, Abbey Woodcock, April Dykman, and more…. plus…. Marcella throws a helluva party.

Then I got to share the stage with Kevin Rogers as we revealed the brand spankin’ new “Freelancer’s Journey” timeline. It’s a roadmap to success for freelancers moving through different phases of their business. We’ve been working on it for awhile to help copywriters and freelancers learn how to break through “right now” challenges in their business, rather than borrowing trouble from future problems that don’t exist yet. More to come on that fun stuff soon.

And THEN I got to kick-it with my favorite peeps (my supergroup mastermind fam) as we all shared the biggest shifts we made in our businesses this year…

… MAN that is one good lookin’ panel. (<— facts. with science.)

But one of my favorite parts of the event this year, was introducing my podcast co-host and business partner Laura Gale to my Copy Chief family.

Smashing those two worlds together in a glorious collision of business smarts and fun people was definitely a highlight of the event. Laura killed it onstage, sharing her insights on how to use a book as the ultimate authority content.

And THEN… to top it all off, Laura Belgray wrote about me in her email at the end of the week. And now, thanks to her email superpowers, I shall now be known as “Rachel F**king Mazza” for the duration of my life. Thanks Laura.

Needless to say, it was a rootin’ tootin’ good time.

If you couldn’t make it this year, Laura (of the Gale variety) and I made a super-quick video with a few of our biggest take-aways from the event.

Check it out here: