I’m pretty sure my friend Laura is a cyborg.

What I mean by that is she’s Finnish…. and Finnish people are kind of like super awesome robots.

(They’re also the only country in the world to publish their own country-themed emojis. How cool is that?)

Laura is strong, intelligent, talented, and extremely logical. Like a super friendly version of The Terminator.

Think of Data from Star Trek, but if Data was a hot blonde with a bubbly personality.

But my lady crush on Laura isn’t only due to her endearing persona and the fact that we’ve traveled 7 countries together…

… it’s also because she teaches me super fun Finnish words (mostly about drinking).

Like “going up drunk” (nousuhumala) for when you’re startin’ to feel your buzz…

… and “going down drunk” (laskuhumala) for when you REALLY shouldn’t have had that last beer…

… and my personal favorite, “drinking alone by yourself in your house in your underwear” (Kalsarikännit).

Of course we do talk about things other than booze, like “the patch of grass that you see when the sun shines on the snow and it just starts to melt” (pälvi)

(it’s ridiculously awesome how many words Finland has to describe snow)

And we also talk about SEO and cold traffic generation – which is what Laura specializes in when she’s not eating salmon and picking blueberries and going to the sauna (all very finish things)

While it’s tough to convince Laura to step away from her SEO clients to share her wealth of knowledge; she’s generously agreed to sit down with me today and talk about copy and conversion as it relates to organic traffic generation.

If you’re a marketer who needs to convert off of cold traffic, then you already know that that is pelottava (a.k.a. – freakin’ intimidating )

Lucky for us, Lau speaks multiple languages, including Finnish, English, Robot Nerd and Human – so hopefully this guest expert training makes things a little easier.

In this value-packed video, you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of how SEO actually works
  • How freelance copywriters can add value to their client packages with SEO
  • Why copywriters need to know the basics of SEO if they want to beat competitors
  • How to ‘optimize’ your sales copy to attract long-term, organic traffic
  • The easy way to approach profitable keyword research
  • Why copywriters have a competitive advantage in SEO
  • How to write ‘SEO-friendly’ copy without sounding like a spammy robot
  • The ONE change you should make to your sales page to support SEO
  • How to put SEO content on your sales page without reducing the quality of your copy
  • The easiest way to incorporate SEO optimization into your sales copy as a copywriter
  • And more.

Check out the video here: