Recently I’ve been focused on launching a coaching program for new freelancers with Kevin Rogers from Copy Chief.

While I’ve been digging in to that, advertorials have taken a bit of a back seat. But now that the new class is rollin’ right along, let’s get back to all this pre-sale goodness.

Today I want to look at an example of a complete front-end funnel that features advertorials.

(If you don’t know what an advertorial is, then click here to get caught up first)

While I don’t know how this particular campaign is performing, it’s a great example of how to use an advertorial in your cold-traffic funnels.

This should give you some context about how to use advertorials to convert more cold traffic, and lower your traffic costs. 

Here’s the breakdown:

Want help creating advertorials that convert more cold traffic and lower traffic costs? 

I’m finally opening the doors to my rebooted Advertorial 101 Course again.

This time we’re gonna do it LIVE – with in-depth live coaching sessions, and live Q&A.

The new class goes live in March and I’m limiting seats to around 25 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need.

If you want to grab one of those spots, click here to get on the waitlist. 


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    • Douglas

      The video is set to “private” so it cannot be viewed. You must set it to “unlisted”.

      • admin

        Thanks for the heads up Douglas!

        Youtube has a new uploading wizard and I didn’t know it automatically sets videos to “private”

        You should be able to view it now, but let me know if you have any trouble. 


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